Croatia’s annual inflation slows to 5.8% in October, record low since Jan 2022

Inflation in October 2023, as measured by the consumer price index, slowed to 5.8% year on year, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS) reported on Thursday, and this is the lowest inflation rate since January 2022, when it stood at 5.7%.

Croatia’s inflation rate has been falling for 10 consecutive months year on year.

This October, the inflation rate compared to September 2023 was 0.5%.

According to the main components of the index, the estimated annual rate of prices for Food, beverages and tobacco is 8.2%, for Services 7.3%,В and for Non-food industrial goods without energy +5.8%. On the other hand, prices of energy fell by 0.3%.

“In October 2023, compared to October 2022 (at the annual level), the prices of goods and services for personal consumption, measured by the harmonised index of consumer prices, increased by 6.7% on average, while compared to September 2023 (at the monthly level), they increased by 0.3% on average,” DZS states.

This September, the inflation rate stood at 6.7%.