Croatian airports record 1.5 mn passengers in June

ZAGREB, 11 Aug (Hina) -В There were almost 1.5 million passengers in nine Croatian airports in June, or 15.4% more than in the same month last year, with all airports experiencing an increase in the number of passengers, according to national statistical office (DZS).

In the first half of the year, airports served a total of 4.1 million, or 24.4% more than in the six months of 2022.

The increase in the number of passengers both in June and in H1 2023 was accompanied by an increase in aircraft operations at the airports.

Cargo turnover was lower – in June by 11.4% with 887 tonnes, and in the first six months by 3.9% with slightly more than 4,500 tonnes.

Split airport with highest number of passengers in June

Split airport had the most passengers in June, 484,000 or 16% percent more than in the same month last year, followed by Zagreb and Dubrovnik airports.

With 344,900В passengers, the Zagreb airport is up 18.5%, and the Dubrovnik airport, with only slightly fewer passengers or 343,000, recorded an increase of 10.2% compared to June 2022.

A total of 208,000 passengers passed through Zadar airport in June, or 22.1% more than in the sixth month of last year.

The airports in Pula and Rijeka had 65,000 and 26,200В passengersВ respectively, which is seven and 0.3% more than last June.

With the largest increase in the number of passengers of 171.4% , recording slightly more than 5,000 passengers in June, Osijek airport stands out.

The airports on the islands of BraДЌ andВ LoЕЎinjВ are also in a plus compared to June 2022 – BraДЌ by 30.5%, with slightly more than 2,600 passengers, and LoЕЎinj by 22.6%В percent with 190 passengers.