Croatia sees 45% rise in number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants

ZAGREB, 18 Jan (Hina) – The number of passenger cars per 1,000 inhabitants in Croatia grew by 44.8% in the period from 2012 to 2022, to 491, while the average number in the EU in the same period was up by 14.3%, to 560 cars, show data from the EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

In 2012 Croatia had 339 cars per 1,000 inhabitants and in 2022 it had 491 cars per 1,000 inhabitants.

In 2022 Italy was the leading EU country in terms of the number of passenger cars per 1,000 inhabitants, with 684 cars, followed by Luxembourg, with 678 cars, Finland, with 661 cars, and Cyprus, with 658 cars.

On the other hand, Latvia had the lowest number of passenger cars, 414 per 1,000 inhabitants, followed by Romania, with 417, and Hungary, with 424 cars.

Among the EU countries, Romania saw the biggest rise in the number of passenger cars per 1,000 inhabitants, of 86.2% to 193.

Hungary saw a 41% increase and Slovakia a 40% increase (to 135 cars).

Number of road tractors doubles in Croatia, Romania and Lithuania.

As for road tractors, Croatia is one of the three EU countries where their number more than doubled in the 2012-2022 period, going up by 121.5%. The other two countries are Romania (+127.4%) and Lithuania (+101.8%).