Croatia marks European Day for Victims of Crime

ZAGREB, 22 Feb (Hina) – The national support and cooperation network for crime victims and witnesses in 2023 provided more than 10,000 free services to 1,298 persons, the Ženska Soba (Women’s Room) nongovernmental organization said on the occasion of European Day for Victims of Crime.

Associations making up the network provide crime victims with emotional and practical support, psychological and legal counselling, support in the form of escort during visits to courts, police, prosecutor’s offices and social care centers.

The number of persons seeking help has been constantly on the rise, and help is sought mostly by victims of domestic violence, threats, crimes against sexual freedom and child neglect and abuse, as well as theft, burglary, grievous bodily harm, etc.

Support programs have been implemented for seven years in all counties, and Ženska Soba, as one of 11 associations involved in them, underlines that anybody can become a victim or a witness of a crime and that it is of particular importance to provide the victims with fast, efficient and free assistance and support in such situations.

Such assistance is available in the period before the offence itself is reported and during and after the proceedings, as well as regardless of whether the crime has been reported, the network said, noting that information on how to obtain help is available at www.mrezapodrskeisuradnje.com.