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COVID and flu cases down, there is an increase in jabs authorities say

There is a significant decrease in cases of COVID and influenza this season in all age groups, the Director of Medical Services and Public Health Services, Elisavet Constantinou, told the Cyprus News Agency. She also said that vaccinations record an increase, adding that citizens seem to adhere to the advice for self protection.

She said that figures for the week between 15-21 January show that COVID cases reached 2,139 and positivity rate further declined to 2.1%.

Replying to a question Constantinou said that the new sub-variant of Omicron JN has completed its full circle, that is, it has exceeded more than 60-70% of the positive cases. She also said that the public seems to have followed some individual protection measures which are face masks, rapid tests and staying at home when symptoms occur.

Head of the Medical Services also told the Cyprus News Agency that there was an increase in vaccinations, especially at the age group over 60. She also said that between 15-21 January there were 32 hospitalizations from 84 the week before. A great reduction was also observed in ICU admissions.

In relation to the flu, Constantinou said that there are some cases of influenza A and much less of influenza B. She said that figures show a significant drop in upper respiratory infection syndromes, and this is very encouraging, as she noted.

She explained that there are two peak seasons for flu, between January-February and in March. It seems, she added, that we went through a peak in the last few weeks and this will be borne out by the rates in the coming weeks.

Constantinou said that epidemiological curves are going down but urged the public to continue to follow self protection measures.