Constitution bars us giving arms to use in Russia – Crosetto

Defence Minister Guido Crosetto said Friday that the Italian Constitution forbids Premier Giorgia Meloni’s government from allowing Kyiv to use the weapons it gives Ukraine on targets in Russian territory.

Many of Italy’s allies have said they will allow Ukraine to use their weapons for strikes inside Russian territory after NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s suggested Kyiv should get the all-clear for this.

“Every state has its own laws, its own Constitution,” Crosetto said at the national conference of Confindustria’s Young Entrepreneurs in Rapallo.

“Article 11 of our Constitution imposes caveats on us with respect to the use of the weapons we give to Ukraine.

“They must be used for the defence of Ukraine, which includes striking Russians in Ukraine, but they cannot be used on the territory of another country.

“This is my opinion and it is shared by the premier and (Foreign) Minister (Antonio) Tajani”.

Those words echoed what Tajani had said earlier on Friday at an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Prague.

“For is it is impossible for our weapons to be used outside Ukraine,” Tajani said.

“We are ready to send more weapons but it is important that these weapons are used inside Ukraine for defense, such as air defense.

“We have sent Samp-Ts (air-defence systems) and it is possible for us to send other Samp-Ts for defence.

“But it is important that these weapons are used inside Ukraine for defence”.