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Climate change, Kumbaro: 8 municipalities draw up adaptation plans for first time

TIRANA, June 18 /ATA/ The Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) held a national conference which discussed eight plans on local climate change adaptation plans in Albania.

These plans have been drafted for the first time and through a participatory process led by the municipalities, which have identified adaptation measures in Albania.

In her opening remarks, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, emphasized the urgency of local climate adaptation and the critical role these plans play in building resilient communities.

“Climate change poses significant challenges to our local economies, communities and ecosystems. The adoption and implementation of these plans are crucial steps towards a sustainable future, but also an example of how when we coordinate efforts, we can do good work. This year we started with a priority, which is Forests. We designated 2024 as the Year of Forests with an afforestation and awareness program throughout the country with about 50 participating municipalities, 156 afforestation activities and about 300,000 seedlings planted in just the first 4 months of this year,” Minister Kumbaro said adding that this year Albania will be part of COP29, the World Climate Summit.

The Permanent Representative of UNDP in Albania, Monica Merino, highlighted the collaboration in drafting these plans.

“Streamlining local adaptation strategies into broader national policies is vital to ensuring inclusive climate sustainability. This conference marks an important moment in our journey towards sustainable development,” said Merino.

The local adaptation plans were presented by the mayors of the eight municipalities involved in this process: Vlora, Elbasani, Përmeti, Gjirokastra, Durres, Fieri, Kruja and Kukësi.