Chief of Defence Admiral Eftimov: Situation in Black Sea Monitored and Analysed Continuously

The Chief of Defence, Admiral Emil Eftimov, told journalists in Varna on Sunday that Bulgaria has information about everything that happens in the Black Sea, by air and sea, stressing that the situation is monitored and analysed continuously.

“There were glorious moments in the past of the Bulgarian Navy, but then we always acted alone,” Eftimov pointed out. He stressed that this is not the case at present, that this country is part of a powerful defence alliance and has information. Eftimov called on the Bulgarians to be calm, assuring that “everything is under control”. He added that actions are being very carefully and rationally considered so as not to give this country reasons for provocations.

Regarding the lack of sufficient personnel in the army, Admiral Eftimov commented that the shortage is directly related to its modernization.

Salaries are not so low, there is an opportunity for development, but young people want to see technology adequate to the times, Eftimov pointed out, adding that this is the reason why the focus of the defence leadership is precisely on accelerating the modernization of the various types of armed forces.

Eftimov recalled that the first of the Navy’s new modular ships has already been launched, its equipment is now pending, and crew training programmes are also being created.

Eftimov specified that other projects should be accelerated to strengthen surveillance and protection. “We are systematically developing the Navy, but the situation is changing and a decision has to be made at the state level to prioritize certain things,” said the Admiral, who is the highest-ranking officer in the armed forces.