“Chestnut Day”; Haradinaj recalls his childhood when he collected chestnuts

Surrounded by the green landscape, and under the sounds of the traditional dance, a traditional party was held in Deçan to mark the “Chestnut Day”.

This cultural manifesto has already become traditional, as it is the fifth year that such a day is being celebrated.

In a speech, the chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, described the chestnut as a symbol of Deçan, which he said was once quite respected.

Former Prime Minister Haradinaj recalled some moments from his childhood, and he said that it was a great moment when you could have the first chestnuts in the hand.

He appreciated the work of the mayor Bashkim Ramosaj, while adding that Deçani has many opportunities, resources and potential, for which we must work hard in the future.

The Mayor of Deçan, Bashkim Ramosaj, also said that more work needs to be done to create trust and conditions for the residents of Deçan to enable them to have a better life.

Ramosaj added that today is the fifth edition of the “Chestnut Day” celebration, where the promotion of various traditional products, such as honey, various plants, and wood products, will take place.

Meanwhile, the President of the Kosovo Gastronomes Association, Petrit Kllokoqi, said that historically Deçan is the guardian of our traditions and culture.

He added that the hospitality and kindness given by Deçan are increasing the name of Kosovo, and also, according to him, they are increasing tourism.

Meanwhile, within the framework of this organization, several paintings by students and different artists were exhibited.

Residents of Deçan, who were selling chestnuts, said that this year the quality and production was weaker, due to the unsuitable weather.