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Center for Openness and Dialogue stages exhibition by Michelangelo Pistoletto

TIRANA, May 22/ATA/ The Center for Openness and Dialogue and the Italian Institute of Culture opened the exhibition “Activation for a responsible social transformation” by the internationally renowned master Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Pistoletto is an Italian painter, action and object artist, and art theorist.

The exhibition is curated by the “Pistoletto Cittadellarte Foundation”.

Extended throughout its spaces, the exhibition is a display of works of art as an expression of thought. The artist undertakes the responsibility to put every human activity into communication, from economics to politics, from science to religion, from education to behavior.

Divided into four rooms and eight corners, this exhibition focuses on: “Loving the different”, “Mirror works”, “Cosmology”, “Ecology”, “Mythology”, “Nutrition”, “Writing” and “Metaverse” “.

The selection of works of art exhibited at the COD emphasizes the role of the craftsman and artification, a concept created by the “Pistoletto” Cittadellarte Foundation, which combines two words: “art” and “activation”. It conveys the idea of using art as an active tool to stimulate, engage and activate social change. It is an approach that goes beyond artistic expression, encouraging artists and people who work with art to become active agents of transformation through their works and their interactions with society.

In the ceremony that preceded the opening of the exhibition to the public, Prime Minister Edi Rama, personalities of art, culture and the head of religious communities were also present.

The exhibition will be open to the public at the Center for Openness and Dialogue (COD) from May 22 to July 2 and the entry will be free./