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Bulgaria’s Ambassador for a Day Winners, Women Ambassadors Mark March 8

Three Bulgarian girls who won this year’s Ambassador for a Day competition marked International Women’s Day with outgoing Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel and the women ambassadors in Sofia. Gabriel said foreign policy needs a stronger presence of women, who will not only make a valuable contribution but will be a role model for girls and women around the world, the Foreign Ministry said.
The three winners in this year’s edition of Ambassador for a Day are Nikoleta Stoynova of Kazanlak, Teodora Vachkova of Troyan and Lyoni Ruz of Yambol, all aged 17. The girls shared their impressions and managed to make everyone present feel part of a community united by the cause of women’s rights.
“Together we sent a strong message to all talented young women that we need their creativity and critical thinking to successfully overcome the challenges in Bulgaria, Europe and the world,” Mariya Gabriel said.
She thanked Austrian Ambassador Andrea Ikic-Bohm and all women ambassadors for the passion and commitment to the cause of having more young people in international relations.
This was the 7th edition of the British Embassy’s Ambassador for a Day initiative. Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova is its patron.
The competition aims to encourage Bulgarian girls to express their views on a wide range of important issues. This year’s edition, mottoed “Inspiring Women’s Inclusion”, puts the focus on the inclusion of women in all areas of life regardless of age, race or religion. The competition was open to girls aged between 16 and 19, who had to record a video about how they would inspire other girls to dream big, pursue their dreams and not give up.