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Bulgarian translation of Branko Cvetkoski’s latest book to be released in Sofia

The Cultural and Information Center of the Republic of North Macedonia in Sofia will host a book launch Thursday evening for the Bulgarian translation of Macedonian writer Branko Cvetkoski’s latest poetry collection, “From the Same Dough: Poems about Death and Hope.”
The Bulgarian release has been published by Zahari Stoyanov Publishing. It was translated from the Macedonian into Bulgarian by Roza Boyanova, organizers said.
In addition to the author and the translator, speaking at the launch will be Bulgarian writers Ivan Granitski and Dimitar Hristov.
Macedonian critic Sande Stojchevski has described Cvetkoski’s latest poetry collection as “a complex, multifaceted, excitingly reflective title.”
In his review of the book, Stojchevski notes that the author “has made it clear that the boundary between ‘this world and the next’ is only in our imagination, an irremovable conditionality, a faint semblance of consolation [and] there is no other essence, no other dough, as the poet writes.”
Branko Cvetkovski (b. 1954, Slatino near Ohrid) is a Macedonian poet, literary critic, essayist, translator, publicist and publisher.