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Bulgarian Public Media Launch Joint Initiative “14 Centuries of Bulgaria in Europe”

The Bulgarian National Television (BNT), the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) and the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) on Monday agreed to launch a joint initiative, “14 Centuries of Bulgaria in Europe”, to mark the 1350th anniversary of the establishment of the First Bulgarian State in 2031. BNT’s public council proposed the idea.

“We have selected anniversaries of milestone events from Bulgarian history, which are relevant to the European history in order to launch an initiative with a broader context – “14 centuries of Bulgaria in Europe”, BTA Director General Kiril Valchev told a press conference on Monday.

“Bulgaria’s contribution to Europe far exceeds the years of Bulgaria’s EU membership. In that time there has been much more talk about the contribution of Europe and European money in Bulgaria, rather than Bulgaria’s contribution to Europe, both in historical and modern contexts.” Valchev said.

“Under the agreement, each of the three media will hold its own initiatives in addition to the joint ones,” Valchev added.

“We appeal to all Bulgarian state authorities and institutions to join the initiative. We appeal to all Bulgarian media to take up this initiative,” he said.

The year 2024 will see the 1160th anniversary of Bulgarians adopting Christianity in 864 and the 200th anniversary of the publication of Petar Beron’s “Fish Primer” in 1824, the first Bulgarian textbook from 1824.

“The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences first responded to our appeal. This yea the Academy marks  its 155th anniversary and in June as part of the upcoming World Meeting of Bulgarian Media in Odesa, we’ll visit Braila, in Romania, where the academy was founded,” said Valchev.

In 2025 there are anniversaries of the establishment of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate, the creation of the first Bulgarian script – the Glagolitic alphabet.

In 2026 there is an anniversary, celebrating Bulgaria’s independence.

2029 marks 40 years since the beginning democratic changes in Bulgaria in 1989.

In 2031 Bulgaria will celebrate the 1350th anniversary of the First Bulgarian State, and in 2032 the anniversary which will round off this initiative – 1,400 years since the establishment of Khan Kubrat’s Old Great Bulgaria.

“We rely on BAS’ assistance to expand the list. We also had a meeting with the Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church Bishop Gerasim, who supported the idea. We expect the Holy Synod to consider the idea as soon as possible and we strongly rely on its support, as the most significant anniversary this year is the adoption of Christianity by Bulgarians, “Valchev said.