Bucharest Science Festival to start on Wednesday

ESA, Robots, spectacular scientific experiments, visits to laboratories and fire departments, science workshops are all part of the Bucharest Science Festival, the most important science and technology festival in Romania that will start on Wednesday.

The theme of this year’s edition of the festival is people and artificial intelligence.

The Bucharest Science Festival starts with a conference on Romania’s space industry, where the public will learn about one of the most important planetary defence missions carried ou in co-operation by the European Space Agency and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in which Romanian companies are responsible for the development of key components.

A school science fair rounds up the series of the most interesting and spectacular events this year. At the fair, now in its 8th edition, teams of students under the coordination of science teachers from Bucharest schools will welcome visitors to experiments and demonstrations, including robots that will interact with the public.

At the weekend, there will also be an event related to the technology behind police forensics, when the public of all ages will have an opportunity to see and experience firsthand how fingerprints are taken or what it feels like to be drunk within a law enforcement technology interactive event.

Also, visitors of the Bucharest Science Festival will have the opportunity to discover, together with the Bucharest-Ilfov Emergency Management Inspectorate how a fire station works. Parents, children, teachers and students can also visit a printing house in the city, where they will learn details about the technology behind its operation, and they will also learn how to give first aid together with the SMURD caravan and witness spectacular chemical experiments in the presence of specialists from the Chemical Engineering Faculty of the Bucharest Polytechnic University.

The TechEthos exhibition will bring to the fore discussions about ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, ChatBots and virtual influencers.

The Bucharest Science Festival, an event under the aegis of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Transformation, takes place this year between September 27 and October 1 in several locations in Bucharest. Admission is free to most events. Some events require prior registration; details are available on

A detailed schedule of the festival is available on and via the FestivApp mobile application.

Bucharest Science Festival is organised by the Secular-Humanist Association of Romania (ASUR) and Planeta Science.