BRGV Buzau conducts its first plant DNA extraction, paves way for genotypic library

The Buzau Vegetable Genetic Resources Bank (BRGV) conducted its first extraction of a plant DNA sequence from an ancient variety of aubergine, thus paving the way for the establishment of a genotypic library; top notch equipment will be put to work in this project in order to scientifically determine the authenticity of certain plant varieties.

According to the research institution, the first extraction of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) conducted in the institution’s Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lab was possible thanks to specific state-of-the-art equipment.

“Between February 12 and 15, the genetics and molecular biology team performed a first DNA extraction from valuable preserved species, preparing the ground for DNA sequencing and genetic fingerprinting. This remarkable achievement opens new horizons in understanding and protecting genetic biodiversity, benefiting from state-of-the-art equipment such as vertical laminar flow hood, mini-centrifuge, vortex, last-generation sequencer for plant genome analysis, nucleic acid electrophoresis, real-time PCR, heated shaker, tube centrifuge, nucleic acid fluorometer, sample mixer, DNA amplifier and many others. In an era where science evolves rapidly, the BRGV Buzau team joins the trend of top-standard international research,” BRGV said.

The BRGV researchers were trained for the use of the molecular biology and genetics equipment by a team of experts, who will be joined by a team of specialists from Germany “who will configure the equipment for biochemistry and prepare the Romanian scientists to be able to use it for biochemical analyses.”

“Whereas we were acquainted with plant resources from a phenotypic point of view, we can now talk about genotyping and knowledge of the biochemical composition. This is a first for our Bank. What we are doing now is already long-standing practice abroad. We had no specialized institutions, resource banks with the ability to carry out genetic fingerprinting. Step by step, we want to reach the international standard we all seek,” BRGV director Costel Vinatoru told AGERPRES.

By means of lab analyses, BRGV will be able to create a genetic library of the vegetable and plant varieties in its portfolio. Moreover, the institution hopes that in the future it will be able to determine duplicates of vegetable varieties and genetically modified organisms.

The Buzau-based Plant Genetic Resources Bank for vegetables, floriculture, aromatic and medicinal plants is a public research institution under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, whose main mission is the exploration, inventory, collection, research & development and conservation of phytogenetic resources.