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Albania applies to International Court of Justice regarding climate change legal obligations

TIRANA, March 28/ATA/ The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs submitted to the International Court of Justice the statement on the legal obligations of states in relation to climate change.

In the framework of the commitments of the Albanian government in the global fight against climate change, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs submitted a written statement to the International Court of Justice, in The Hague, which has started the procedures of giving an advisory opinion to the member states of the United Nations on their legal obligations to climate change.

This statement follows Prime Minister Edi Rama’s remarks at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, in December last year, where he emphasized that developing countries like Albania have tried tirelessly to tackle development challenges, being faced with the negative impact of climate change, drawing attention to the disproportionate burden put on developing countries in coping with climate emergencies, despite their minimal impact on these situations.

The statement was prepared by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment and the National Civil Defense Agency, and was supported by well-known international experts and the Albanian Diaspora.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs appreciates that these advisory procedures can promote a more unified and effective global response against climate change and play a key role in protecting the environment, both for current and future generations. Albania is proud of having the opportunity to contribute to these procedures, starting from the experience it has gained in terms of using green energy and dealing with climate change./