Berlin Summit, Rama: Countries of the region need to come up with a unified position on financing plan

By Maela Marini/ Prime Minister Edi Rama stated on Friday from Podgorica, that the summit of the Berlin Process in Tirana should be a joint summit for the countries of the region to come up with a unified position regarding the financing plan of the European Union.

In a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazović, Rama stated that he briefed the Prime Minister and his team about the process and effort that is currently underway at the European Commission for a new financing plan and economic support for the region and the Berlin Process.

Rama added that we need to use the Tirana Summit as a joint summit for our countries to come up with unified position regarding the plan and make sure we will eventually have the full support of the Chancellor and Germany in this process.”

“I also informed him about the preparation of an informal meeting, an informal working lunch in Tirana on July 17 together with representatives of the Commission from Brussels to discuss the plan,” he added.

Of course, he continued, we are not only on the same line politically, but we are also on a common horizon in the approach that anything that provokes trouble and fuels conflict in our region, wherever it comes from, is a problem for us.”

“We are in no way ready to take part, but on the contrary, we are ready to join forces to oppose a situation of strife and conflict. We want a lasting peace that works for people so that people have more chances, opportunities, jobs, income rather than more fairy tales and acts of heroism. Heroic acts belong to the past,” he said.

Rama emphasized that “we don’t need new heroes in our region, we need new role models that inspire everyone how to be more innovative, creative, efficient, make our economies more resilient, to kickstart development, to develop the skills of our people to cope with a world that is becoming increasingly difficult and complex.”