Belgian MP: Kosovo should be a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

A delegation from the Federal Parliament of Belgium to NATO is paying an official visit to Kosovo. They met with the Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca and their Kosovar colleagues at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. After the meetings, the Belgian MPs promised support to Kosovo for membership in the Euro-Atlantic structures.
The head of the Belgian Federal Parliament delegation to NATO, Theo Francken, said that Belgium will always support the territorial integrity of Kosovo.
He added that there is a lot of tension in the Western Balkans, so they will support Kosovo in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
“Belgium always supported your country from the day one of the independence, and I think I want to make a strong stance that Belgium will always support Kosovo as a sovereign and independent country and the territorial integrity of your country. It is very very important to emphasize this, there is a lot of tensions within the Balkans, a lot of tensions within the country and I think it is a good thing that we are here to emphasize that Belgium will always stand strong on your side, and also when we talk about NATO PA, Kosovo can be and has to be a member, an associated member that will be a very good step forward within integration, and I think that NATO PA, NATO Parliament is very important to discuss stability and security in the Western Balkans, and keeps on being one of the priorities of us” , he said.
He underlined that stability and security in the Western Balkans is very important for NATO.
Meanwhile, the head of the Kosovo delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, MP Driton Hyseni, said that they are committed to increasing Kosovo’s presence in this institution.
He expressed satisfaction with Belgium’s support for Kosovo’s membership in NATO and other Euro-Atlantic structures.
In addition to these, the Belgian MPs also met with the Parliamentary Committee for Security and European Integration./KosovaPress/