Begaj: In the UN Assembly, I will focus on the issues of recognition of Kosovo

The President of Albania, Bajram Begaj, declared today (Monday) that no one can be surprised why Kosovo is a national priority and that in all his meetings he has requested the recognition of Kosovo. He said that Kosovo should have close and better coordination with the United States of America and the European Union, writes KosovaPress.

After the meeting with President Vjosa Osmani, Begaj emphasized that his participation in the UN Assembly will focus on the recognition of Kosovo.

Regarding the process of recognition of Kosovo, he added that a better coordination of the work of the institutions of both countries is necessary. He emphasized that it is Albania’s duty to seek new recognition and support for Kosovo.

In today’s meeting with the counterpart from Kosovo, Begaj added that they focused on the most important issues of interstate interest, but also the need for better coordination.

The first of Albania emphasized that no one should be “surprised” why Kosovo is their national priority.

President Vjosa Osmani has considered excellent relations between Kosovo and Albania. While she said that Serbia is violating the territorial integrity of Kosovo, she emphasized the country’s need to support Albania.