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Begaj: Albania, promoter of peace and security in region

TIRANA, April 22 /ATA/ “Albania promotes peace and security in the region and beyond through the policy of dialogue, cooperation and understanding.”

This is what President of the Republic Bajram Begaj emphasized on Monday during the meeting in the President’s seat with the participants of the High-Level Security and Defense Course, representatives from various NATO and partner countries.

“Albania believes and has shown through its international commitments that multilateralism is the right mechanism that offers acceptable solutions in the face of the common challenges of our countries in the field of security and defense”, Begaj said.

The Head of State outlined his vision for Albania of the future in response to the questions of the students of this course.

Begaj said that Albania is determined to fulfill the objectives and the Albanian dream of the Euro-Atlantic camp.

The participants in the High –Level Security and Defense Course were briefed by the Advisors of the Head of State on the role and functions of the President in a Parliamentary Republic, as well as in foreign, security and defense policy.