Athens, Bulgarian Commerce & Industry Chambers sign memorandum of collaboration

A memorandum of collaboration was signed recently by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) in Athens.

The MoC was signed by EBEA President Sophia Kounenaki-Efraimoglou and BCCI President Tsvetan Simeonov, and its aim is to serve as a base from which to expand bilateral economic relations between Greece and Bulgaria and to develop collaborations between the businesses of the two countries.

“The Bulgarian economy has shown a significant growth dynamic in recent years, marking visible progress in sectors such as information and communication technologies, energy, the environment – with an emphasis on renewable energy sources – and logistics,” Efraimoglou said. “The country’s strong performance in these sectors are supported by high-quality human resources and by a competitive cost,” she noted of Bulgaria.

Efraimoglou said a similar dynamic was evident in the bilateral economic collaboration, with Bulgaria becoming the most important economic and trade partner of Greece in the Balkans, and one of the most important ones globally. Opportunities for collaboration were to be found in high technology, transport and logistics, energy, food, and tourism, she pointed out.

Referring to the long-term collaboration between the two Chambers, Efraimoglou noted that EBEA, as the main extroversion agency of Greek businesses, is working to expand the collaboration and improvement of trade relations between Greece and Bulgaria. “This commitment has been carried out for nearly three decades now – in reality, since 1994, when the first MoC was signed between EBEA and BCCI,” she said. “Now we are reconfirming our desire to support the unification of the two business communities through high-quality networking and useful service activities to all interested businesses. The signing of this memorandum is yet another significant step of progress in this effort,” she added.