Artists Dedicate Performance to Victims of Racism, Homophobia and Xenophobia

The performance I have always wanted… is dedicated to those who are no longer here, including everyone who is gone because of the hypocrisy of political regimes, including the victims of racism, homophobia, and xenophobia, Georgi Pavlov, author of the idea, said. The performance was presented on Saturday night, at the Dom club in Sofia.

The performance starred Diana Bunkin, Georgi P. Pavlov, Stefan Hristov, Yves-Christian Angelov, Ivasha Hristova, Konstantin Dimitrov, Bozhidar Savov and Yoanna Laskova. The event opened and closed a pop-up exhibition Exemplary Home: Opening and Closing.

The evening continued with a club party – with Bulgarian and international artists. Stefan Hristov, the curator of the club event, told BTA that electronic music is a kind of rebellion against the exemplary home. He added that the musical setting aims to experiment with different genres.

Synaesthesia Collective are the organisers of the event. The organisation was founded in 2022 with the aim of bringing different art forms together. This is the first event where the collective has managed to combine performance, visual elements and music, according to the organizers.