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An exhibition in former notorious communist prison in Spaç with portraits of 49 survivors

TIRANA, April 3 /ATA/ “Past and Present” will be the title of the exhibition that is due to open and stay open permanently in Spaç of Mirdita.

The 49 portraits of former political prisoners who are still alive, along with their confessions, will be open to the public from April 13 and onwards. Everyone can see the embodiment of 49 portraits in a single sculpture which turns into a monument of collective memory, meeting point and starting point of the social development process.

This exhibition is an artistic-cultural act which is finalized with the presence of the public, youth, institutions and everyone as active actors in building a society.

The audiovisual exhibition organized by the non-profit organization “Tek Bunkeri”, is a project financed by the European Union, part of the EU4Culture program, implemented by UNOPS, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation.

To realize the sculptures, survivors from Spaçi prison who are still alive were sought. “Tek Bunkeri” traveled to 8 cities in Albania where met with more than 60 former political prisoners, of which 49 were willing to participate in this project, taking their portraits and recording their personal stories. in Spaçi prison in Mirdita. The purpose of the exhibition is to show this part of Albanian history through the creation of a monumental sculpture which will stay forever in Spaç./r.e/p.s./