American artists in Kosovo present their works of art

Dozens of American artists will perform in Prishtina, Prizren and Mitrovica, within the framework of the US-Kosovo creative exchange agreement. Through the project which was signed today by the mayor of the Municipality of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, the American ambassador, Jeffrey Hovenier and the non-governmental organization “Autostrada Biennale”, American artists will present their artistic works in Kosovo, where the construction of bridges will be aimed cooperation through art and culture.
The mayor of the capital, Përparim Rama, welcomed the achievement of this agreement, where he underlined the importance of cultural diplomacy.
He also presented details of where the American artists will present their works, while he said that this project will be an added value for art and culture in Prishtina.
On the other hand, the US ambassador, Jeffrey Hovenier, said that American artists, during their stay in Kosovo, will create and exhibit their works of art.
He expressed his excitement with the achievement of this project, while he said that he eagerly welcomes the synergy created between American and Kosovar feelings.
According to him, through art and dialogue, all barriers between countries are broken.
Meanwhile, the director of the non-governmental organization “Autostrada Biennale”, Leutrim Fishekqiu, said that this project will also contribute to the skilling of young people.
In addition, the three speakers underlined the importance of deepening cooperation for art and culture in Prishtina.