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Allegations of Cyprus involvement are totally groundless, Spokesperson stresses

Any public allegations that refer to an involvement of Cyprus through its infrastructure or its territory in the event of a confrontation that relates to Lebanon are totally groundless, Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis stressed on Thursday.

“Cyprus has never facilitated and will not facilitate any aggressive action or attack against any country. Cyprus is a credible enabler of stability, and an acknowledged regional hub for humanitarian operations, based on excellent relations with all the countries in the region,” he adds in a statement.

Cyprus’ profile, the Spokesperson notes, is based on its reliability and predictability. Through its diverse practical initiatives, intense engagement and active diplomacy (including lately the humanitarian maritime corridor) contributes to fostering conditions of regional peace, prosperity and security.

“Cyprus is a champion of conflict resolution through peaceful means and dialogue in line with international law and the UN Charter,” he notes.

Specifically, as regards Lebanon, he says that “the excellent relations between the two countries are well-known. President Christodoulides has visited the country twice, in the last three months, spearheading the release of 1 billion euro EU financial assistance package for strengthening the stability in Lebanon.”

“Cyprus is not part of the problem. As it is widely acknowledged its diplomatic footprint is part of the solution”, Letymbiotis concludes.