Albanian-Italian joint operation against call center 4.7 million Euro fraud

TIRANA, July 27/ATA/ Albanian and Italian authorities carried out a joint operation against online fraud.
Some call centers in Albania were used to deceive Italian citizens into investing first in small amounts and then in large amounts.
This is the second phase of an operation started in October last year.
In a statement to the media, SPAK prosecutor Ened Nakuçi and the Italian counterparts gave details about this operation today.
According to Prosecutor Nakuçi, 140 Italian citizens have been affected through the fraud schemes, while the value of the benefit through the fraud is 4.7 million euros.
Prosecutor Nakuçi said that the persons arrested today are call center managers.
“They are call center tactical managers, operator and IT group managers, and sales consultants. Investigations continue for other persons as well”, he said.
According to Nakuci, “the victims’ money mostly went to cryptocurrency and untraceable foreign accounts”.
Nakuçi emphasized that “victims were contacted over the phone, convinced to invest in small amounts with the claim that they would not lose much, and then stimulated them to invest in large amounts to get rich. /p.s./