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Western Balkans Growth Plan, Rama: Any country that blocks another one will not benefit

By Maela Marini/ Prime Minister Edi Rama on Monday elaborated on the new growth plan for the Western Balkans, underlining that any country that blocks another one in this process will impede itself and will not benefit from this plan.

 In a press conference with the Albanian media in Skopje, Rama spoke about the meeting of the leaders of the Western Balkans and high representatives of the US and EU administration.

 “The meeting was held in a very positive atmosphere, because it was done the right thing. It revolved around the topics related to this big challenge, making sure that all the countries of the region will successfully benefit from the new growth plan of the European Union and the possibility of integration into the single European market,” said Rama.

He added that “the high representative of the European Commission, but also the representatives of the US administration made themselves very clear during yesterday’s dinner and today that in this process there is no room and at the same time there is definitely no desire to listen to issues of political nature, issues of bilateral nature and others, on the contrary, it was made very clear that any country that blocks the other in this process will impede itself as it will not be able to benefit from this plan.”