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Albania completes its two-year term in the UN Security Council, Hasani: A dignified performance

Albania successfully completed the two-year term in the UN Security Council.

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Igli Hasani, in a video message published this Sunday, described Albania’s performance throughout its 2-year term in the Security Council as dignified.

“As Albania completes its first two-year term as an elected member of the UN Security Council, I would like to share, with particular pride, this message from this hall, where over the past two years, our country has worked together with other members and has played an active role in the pursuit of international peace and security”, announced Hasani.

“Guided by its principles and values, Albania has played a dignified role, which has been appreciated by everyone, including friends and allies, as well as civil society and international organizations. We did our part by taking on more responsibility, even if it meant standing up to big countries and global actors,” Hasani says.

“For Ukraine, as co-penholder with the United States, we strongly and resolutely defended its cause, because it was right, because it represents everything important to us. During these two years, we firmly advanced the women’s agenda for peace and security; compliance with international law, regard for human rights and accountability, climate change, cyber security, the youth, peace and security agenda, as well as the improvement of the work methods of the Security Council”, Hasani declares.

“Above all, we managed to raise a strong and credible voice to the Security Council, enhancing Albania’s profile in the international arena, cementing our strategic partnerships and strengthening our position as a credible and active actor in the region, a reliable ally and partner for the European Union. On this occasion, I would like to sincerely thank my dedicated team in New York led by Ambassador Ferit Hoxha and the entire Albanian foreign service”, says Hasani.

“I share with every Albanian, wherever they are, the immense honor that we have successfully completed one of the most demanding tasks in foreign policy, the two-year term in the Security Council in such challenging times for the entire globe,” Minister Hasani concludes.