Albania asks Kosovo to establish the Association leading to the Constitution

Albania asks Kosovo to establish the Association of the municipalities of the Serbian majority, because as it is said that the United States of America has given a guarantee that there will be no executive competencies.

For the normalization of the Kosova-Serbia relations, the new ambassador of Albania in Kosovo, Petrit Malaj, emphasizes that Kosovo must take steps to work on the draft status presented in October by Euro-American emissaries. 

Malaj emphasizes that Albania strongly supports Kosovo for the implementation of the basic agreement and will continue to play its role to promote peace, stability and cooperation.

The Albanian diplomat in Prishtina, Malaj, in an interview for Kosovapress has also talked about for Albania-Kosova relations, the implementation of agreements achieved between these two countries, as well as for Prishtina-Durrws railway and its impact in the future economic aspect.

Ambassador Malaj has emphasized that relations between Kosovo and Albania in political terms are considered to be among the best possible since the declaration of independence in 2008.

The Albanian diplomat, Petrit Malaj, also emphasizes that over 50 agreements signed between the two Albanian governments have begun to be implemented.

As for the railway Prishtina – Durrës, a month ago the winning company was announced which will carry out the feasibility study for the railway line, which is expected to have an important impact on the economy of the two countries, Kosovo-Albania.

Malaj has called this project, for the free movement of people and goods, significant for economic development.

Meanwhile, as far as the trade relations between Kosovo and Albania are concerned, Malaj says that his country has increased its exports to Pristina by 20 percent during 2023.

In the end, the Albanian diplomat also spoke about tourism, who emphasized that Kosovo Albanians, in addition to expressing a great love for Albania, also want their finances from summer vacation expenses to remain on the Albanian coast.