After two years of growth, the demand for workers in BiH drops in 2023

SARAJEVO, August 8 (FENA) – The labor market analysis presented today in Sarajevo by the MojPosao.ba portal showed that in the first half of 2023, the demand for workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina fell by 0.9 percent.

It was pointed out that this represents a turnaround compared to the previous two years, when the demand for workers was on the rise, and in 2022, it grew by more than 30 percent compared to the previous year.

“For the first time after more than 10 years, the demand for workers in the IT sector is falling, while interest in these jobs is growing. On the other hand, the biggest increase in demand for workers was recorded in the category of transport, storage and logistics,” said Nermana Ajanović-Hajdarpašić, director of operations of the MojPosao.ba portal.

In the first two quarters of this year, employers published the largest number of advertisements in the following categories: commercial – sales (21 percent), transport – storage and logistics (9.93 percent), economics and finance (7.90 percent), electrical engineering – mechanical engineering (7.55 percent), and catering and tourism (7.11 percent).

On the other hand, workers in BiH in 2023 are most interested in jobs in the categories: administrative services, real estate, insurance, commercial – sales and human resources, and they are least interested in working in the categories: translation services, mining, craft services, education and consulting.

The most sought-after occupations in 2023 were: call center agent, salesperson, salesperson, driver (all categories), warehouse worker, production worker, waiter/bartender, sales manager, locksmith/piper/welder/carpenter, and cook.

Out of the total number of ads, in the first half of the current year, seven percent of ads were with a foreign location. Compared to the same period last year, the number of ads with a foreign location is lower by two percent, but the data showed that the number of applications for those ads was higher compared to last year.

For work abroad this year, profiles of workers from the categories: catering and tourism, electrical engineering – mechanical engineering, transport – warehousing and logistics, craft services, and commercial – sales are the most sought after. The biggest change since last year is the increase in demand for workers in the transport, storage and logistics category, and the decrease in demand for workers in the IT sector.

When it comes to the countries that are looking for BiH workers, still the most represented are Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, UAE, Austria, Montenegro, and Kuwait. Compared to the previous year, Croatia, Germany and the UAE are the countries where the demand for workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased.

(FENA) S. R.