About 75 million euros will be invested in the Palace of Youth and Sports

The Palace of Youth and Sports over the years has been the main address for the development of sports events, both local and international. But, knowing that the facility was built in the 70s, the need to renovate it and adapt it to today’s sporting requirements is quite great.

The head of the Palace of Youth, Mrika Gashi, in an interview for KosovaPress, said that currently there are many problems inside the palace, but that recently some investments have been started.

Gashi added that in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, in order to be in function of the 2030 Mediterranean Games, the total renovation of the Palace of Youth will be done.

She announced that the amount expected to be invested will be around 75 million euros.

“Based on the pre-calculations that can be seen and the calculations that have been made, in some way they are not correct, but as I think, it is about 75 million euros of investment if we think about the complete renovation of the Palace of Youth. It is normal that based on the discussions we had with the Ministry of Culture, the amount reaches somewhere around 40 million euros, but in any case, the ministry is competent for this information, in which they can respond more precisely”, said Gashi.

As the head of Palace of Youth, Gashi has called for the investments to be made to be of international standards and according to the needs of the sports community.

In the end, Gashi announced that she is working hard for the Palace of Youth to become economically independent in the future and to have its own projects for the benefit of sports.