A video from the villa and apartment of the terrorist Radojicic is published

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, has published a video from the exclusive apartment of the terrorist Milan Radojicic.

Sveçla wrote that the terrorist attack that the Kosova Police faced in the village of Banjska in Zveçan will be investigated in detail and to the end.

“Kosova Police, in accordance with the court’s order, today raided the apartment of Milan Radojicic, his villa in Ujmani Lake, an annex/warming room of the Mitrovica Hospital as well as the house of Vladimir Radojevic, known by the nickname “Mom”. We have also proven with a video and other evidence that the leader of this group was Milan Radojicic. Also, from the footage that is being seen, it is proven that it is not about any “freedom fighter” but about a Pablo Escobar of the region. Under the guise of the defender of citizens, he and his associates became multi-millionaires at the expense of the law, the state, and other citizens. Therefore, it is necessary that the crime center of all these years in the north of the country be investigated together with all the assets, apparatus and locations of the terrorist group”, wrote Sveçla.

Otherwise, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that the vice-president of the Serbian List, Milan Radojicic, has resigned from this position.

“Radojicic does not want to further damage the Serbian List”, said Vucic, in an interview for TV Espanyol.

In 2018, Vucic claimed that he does not know him and that he has never talked to Radojicic. Five years later, he thanked him for “protecting the Serbs in Kosovo”. He then says that he will be questioned by justice.

Radojicic was recently seen in the monastery in the north of the country, where the terrorists stayed, after the terrorist attack where a Kosovo police officer was killed. Some of the terrorists have managed to leave, among them Radojicic, who was wounded and is recovering in Serbia.

He is wanted by Kosovo institutions for many terrorist and criminal offenses.