A privilege to bear this name, yet also a sacrifice, says ruler Cuza’s descendant Bogdan

Bogdan Cuza, a descendant of the Romanian ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the maker of the union of the two Romanian Principalities, Wallachia and Moldova into Romania, says that bearing this name is a “grace from God” and “a privilege”, but it can be, at the same time, a “burden” .

As a child, Bogdan Gheorghe Ilie Cuza learned from his father that he has his roots in the family of the one who was the craftsman of the Union of Romanian Principalities, being taught that he must sacrifice himself, if necessary, “to maintain the name with dignity and honor”.

“The character Alexandru Ioan Cuza, who I am lucky enough to be my grandfather, is for me a saint as a layman, for Romania he is the father of the unitary, national, modern Romanian state. There are things that bind me, family documents indeed, but they are most of them donated to the Romanian Academy because that is where they should be and let’s hope that it is the custodian, the only keeper of these documents of inestimable value,” Bogdan Gheorghe Ilie Cuza told AGERPRES.

In the context of January 24, Bogdan Cuza believes that the Union of Principalities represents the “fundamental Union of the Romanian people, without which the 1918 Comprehensive Union could not have existed”.

“You can’t forget a historical stage, this kind of thing is often done, especially lately, and the providential act of the Union from 1859 is put in a shadow cone, where it is improperly called because of an unfortunate phrase” The Little Union’. This is not the ‘Little Union’, it is the fundamental Union of the Romanian people, without which there could not have been the Integrating Union from 1918,” says Bogdan Cuza.