A huge wave of solidarity from Rhodes citizens to tourists

Thousands of tourists who were forced to evacuate from the hotels where they were staying on the island of Rhodes due to the fires were transferred to gyms and schools on the island, while many had already left the island on Monday. There has also been a huge wave of solidarity and support from the inhabitants of the island.

Around 8,000 tourists were accommodated in schools and indoor courts in the town and in villages of Rhodes with the assistance of hundreds of volunteers, who from the first moment were “present” to help set up and operate these temporary accommodation centres, providing foreign tourists the best possible service.

The fire-stricken people were provided with food, fruit, juices, water, all offered by Greek citizens, private individuals who opened their businesses and sent as much food as they could, while they have even opened supermarkets and mini markets to serve them.

It is worth noting that there were dozens of businesses that offered food in their restaurants and even a place for tourists to sleep. Hotels have accommodated the fire-stricken in air-conditioned rooms, while dozens of Greek citizens have offered their own homes to host those who need accommodation.