48 migrants rescued after stranding at Sitia, NE Crete; two arrested as human traffickers

Port Authority, Fire Brigade emergency rescue team EMAK, and Greek police officers located and rescued 48 migrants who had disembarked from a sail boat stranded at a rocky coast of Sitia, northeastern Crete, a statement by the Port Authority said on Friday.
The migrants included 35 men, 9 women, and 4 children. A mother and two newborns were transported by emergency ambulance service EKAV to the General Hospital of Agios Nikolaos. Two men and another woman are hospitalized in the Sitia Health Center.
The Port Authority said that two migrants who are suspected of being human traffickers were arrested. Preliminary testimonies revealed that each migrant paid 3,000-8,500 euros to transport migrants from Antalya (Attaleia) in Turkey.
The sailboat remains stranded at the rocky coast, but there is no petrol pollution at sea.