34 pan flutes made from Hiroshima explosion surviving tree will be heard in Timisoara concert

Senda Pan Flute Choir, made up of children and young people from Japan who play 34 pan flutes made from a tree that survived the Hiroshima explosion, will perform at the New Millennium Reformed Center in the European Capital of Culture Timisoara 2023, in September 19, starting at 18:00.

According to a press release of the Project Center of the Timisoara City Hall sent to AGERPRES on Thursday, the school in Senda is only 2.2 kilometers from the epicenter of the atomic bomb explosion that, on August 6, 1945, was dropped over Hiroshima. A cypress tree on the school grounds survived the bombing. 70 years later, the tree loved by the community withered, but was brought back to life in the form of 95 musical instruments. Their sound has reached all over the world, and now it reaches Timisoara.

The trees that survived the bomb are known worldwide as Hibaku Jumoku and are protected by authorities as living monuments. The seeds of trees that miraculously withstood the atomic bomb are distributed all over the world as a sign of peace, a message that the remarkable children’s choir also spreads around the world.

The group of 34 members will arrive on Sunday in Timisoara, where, for three days, they will participate in an exchange of experience with the students of the Bartok Bela Theoretical High School. In June, two music teachers from the school in Timisoara also participated in an exchange of experience, conferences and workshops held in Hiroshima.

The event is part of the Timisoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023 national cultural programme, through the Power Station component, implemented by the Project Center of Timisoara. It aims to strengthen the capacity of the cultural sector and develop strategic partnerships with partner organisations of cities holding the title of European Capital of Culture and beyond.