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2024 Galichnik Wedding to be held this weekend

Skopje, 10 July 2024 (MIA) – Stefana Dimitrova and Darijan Kochoski are the bride and groom at the 2024 Galichnik Wedding, the country’s most authentic cultural manifestation, which will be held July 12-14. The wedding will take place on Sunday (July 14) at the “Saint Paul the Apostle” church in the village of Galichnik, carrying out the centuries-old wedding customs and rituals.

At Tuesday’s press conference, the bride said that she is overcome with happiness and excitement and is honored that she and Darijan were chosen for the 2024 Galichnik Wedding.

“I am confident we will respect and pass on the Galichnik tradition that our ancestors left behind. We must not allow it to be forgotten. This has long been my wish, but it is more important who helped me fulfill it – I want to thank Darijan for showing me true love and understanding,” Dimitrova said.

The groom, Darijan Kochoski, said that he gladly accepted the invitation for this year’s manifestation, which is attended my many local and foreign guests. He also thanked the organizers, the Galichnik Local Community, for choosing them to be the couple for the 2024 Galichnik Wedding.

The event is held under the auspices of President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Skopje Brewery as a partner in organizing the event for the last 50 years.

Galichnik Local Community president Aleksandar Kostikj expressed satisfaction that after so many decades, young people still want to be part of the Galichnik Wedding tradition.

“On the contrary, interest continues to grow. It is a sign that we have succeeded in our mission of maintaining the customs and traditional values we inherited and continue to pass on to younger generations,” Kostikj said and added that with support from their partners, Galichnik is prepared to showcase its rich and unique tradition to all visitors.

Marija Mininchikj from the Skopje Brewery pointed out that when one cooperation lasts half a century, it is clear that the two sides share the same values – fostering tradition and bringing people together at events that are filled with positive energy and community.

The wedding will be streamed live on all social media platforms of the Galichnik Local Community.

Event organizers invited the public to come to Galichnik this weekend, but also behave responsibly in nature, not litter, drink and drive, and obey all traffic rules.

Kostikj informed that traffic with motor vehicles through Galichnik on Friday (July 12), will be permitted from 9pm until 1am. On Saturday, traffic will be permitted from 6pm to 10pm, and on Sunday from 7:30am to 3pm. Traffic may be closed in addition to these set times if there is any need for it, and parking in Galichnik will not be allowed.