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16 new officers are added to the KSF, Maqedonci: We are on the way to becoming a professional army

Today, 16 new officers of the 2024 generation of new cadets of the Kosovo Security Force graduated at the “Adem Jashari” barracks.

Present at this ceremony was the Minister of Defense, Ejup Maqedonci, who, congratulating the new cadets, said that the June of important historical events for freedom and independence is ending this year with the addition of ten new KSF officers.

Maqedonci said that this jubilee year differs from other years because of the position of the Kosovo army, for which he mentioned the investments over 200 million and the number of soldiers and officers recruited.

He added that the Kosovo Army is moving rapidly towards development with full capacities as a professional army.

“The June of important historical events, the fight for freedom and independence, we are closing this year by adding ten new officers to the ranks of the KSF. The anniversary of liberation this year beyond the symbolism as a jubilee year differs from other years due to the stage in which the Kosovo army is today. The increase in 2 percent of the GDP, the Gross Domestic Product, allocated to the army with over 200 million investments in these last 3 years and over 1800 new soldiers and officers recruited. The Kosovo Army is rapidly moving towards development with full capacities as a professional and multi-ethnic army. You cadets are living the dream of all those who sacrificed for freedom today. With your graduation as officers, you are building important pillars of the army, so I can’t hide the pride I feel for you”, said Maqedonci.

Meanwhile, appreciating the professionalism of the KSF members, Maqedonci said that the cooperation with the allied countries is the result of these values.

Maqedonci also thanked the families for supporting the cadets, saying that he has nothing that makes him prouder than seeing the growth and development of the Army of the Republic of Kosovo.

“You KSF members are continuously showing professionalism in every competition and international training. The stable cooperation we have established with the partner countries is a result of the values we represent… We know what we believe and what we commit to, we fight only for peace as our ancestors, the Legendary Commander Adem Jashari, the martyrs and activists of the nation did before us. Finally, I want to congratulate you on your graduation and know that you have the support of the people and you will always have my support. In this case, I thank your families for the support they have given. I know that it is not easy to support a cadet in his professional development; it is vital and instrumental for continued success. It is not easy even the weight of the uniform you carry, but it is precisely in the face of difficulties that the greatness of man is appreciated. There is nothing I appreciate more than your oath to serve your country. There is nothing that makes me more proud than being here today and seeing the army of the Republic of Kosovo as it grows and develops”, said Maqedonci.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Center for University Studies (CUS), which aims to train cadet-officers with military values, Major Mimoza Gudeci, on her last day as commander of this center, shared three lessons with the newly graduated cadets.

She said that duty, honor and homeland are words that should always be remembered so that their every action and decision will be right and good.

In this ceremony, the award “Distinguished cadet in the 4-year journey” was awarded to Atdhe Ahmeti, who, on behalf of the class of 2024, said that they are grateful to the family and instructors who instilled a fighting spirit in the cadets to raise military values

At the end, the new cadets received their diplomas.