We have released sturgeon fries in Danube, it is protected and priority species (Environment minister Fechet, in Tulcea)

The minister of Environment, Water and Forests, Mircea Fechet, visited the sturgeon monitoring station in Tulcea on Thursday and participated in the release of sturgeon fries in the Danube, stressing that this is a protected and priority species not only for Romania but also for the European Union.

“I was happy to visit today the sturgeon monitoring station, which we have built with European funds as part of a project financed under POIM [The Large Infrastructure Operational Programme]. I had the pleasure to release some sturgeon in the Danube, a priority species not only for Tulcea, not only for Romania, but for the whole European Union, as sturgeon species are protected, whether we are talking about the beluga sturgeon, the Danube sturgeon, starry sturgeon, or about the sterlet sturgeon. The National Environmental Guard has just finished a thematic control related to the fight against fish poaching and I hope that today we can conclude at the end of the day that all the projects are progressing as we want, that we will not lose European money and that we are achieving our daily objective, which is to ensure that the Delta is in a better state,” said minister Mircea Fechet.

Minister Mircea Fechet’s programme on Thursday in Tulcea also includes trips to the area ecologically reconstructed in 2015 in Carasuhat /Mahmudia, Uzlina lake area – an area proposed for decolmatation under a National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) project, Furtuna belt canal, the ecological reconstruction area carried out through “Save the European mink!” project.