Vujovic: Citizens see promotion opportunities in party membership

The result that one in five of the citizens of Montenegro are the members of some political party demonstrates that people see the promotion opportunities in the party membership, and not through a merit-based system, said CeMI Steering Committee president Zlatko Vujovic.

The most recent survey carried out by CeMI demonstrates that 18.7 per cent of the citizens of Montenegro are the members of a political party, which is an increase of almost 7 per cent in comparison to 2018, when the membership in political parties was reported by 12 per cent of respondents.

According to Vujovic, this parentage is expected, but is also directly connected to the fact that the significant change of power took place.

“The executive power doesn’t belong to one party, but many of them, and all of them got their share of a cake. One part of the citizens of Montenegro sees that as an opportunity to get easy employment, certain positions and privileges”, Vujovic tells MINA News Agency.

He argues that the percentage of 18.7 per cent is too high, and that it demonstrates that people see their opportunity for career promotion in membership to political parties and not to be based on their personal qualities.

According to Vujovic, this is an indicator that things are going in a bad direction in Montenegro, because the citizens believe that rights to which they believe to be entitled, can only be exercised through a political party, and not through the merit-based system.

He argues that this phenomenon existed even before and on a huge scale, but that “it used to be a scandal when a case of party recruitment would be discovered”.

He believes that the prosecutorial service should initiate proceedings against numerous mayors and ministers who recruited people based on their party membership.

Vujovic assesses that the credibility of the special, as well as the future supreme state prosecutor, would be completely wasted and destroyed if they would fail to initiate these proceedings.