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Vinica’s oldest living teacher releases new book

Vinica’s Vancho Prke Library hosted a book launch for Angel Bogatinovski’s “Notes on Life” on his 91st birthday, MIA’s Kochani correspondent reports.

Bogatinovski is the oldest living teacher in Vinica. The library wanted to honor him for writing about local history and his love of the homeland and people, said library director Liljana Kapevska at the book launch.

“Notes on Life” contains poetry and other writings in five chapters: Legends, Traditions, Patriotic Poems; My School, My Profession; My Greatest Love; Notes on Life; and Bless You, Woman.

In his writings, Bogatinovski considers patriotic love one of the highest emotions. This is evident in his poems about Goce, Tito, Stojmenski, Vancho Prke, Racin, Boris Trajkovski; in the legends about Orizari, about the village of Dobra Voda, about the river Masalnica.

“Folklore elements abound in his works. Aware of their significance, he builds a mosaic of Macedonian identity,” writer Ljubinka Ajtovska said at the book launch.

Bogatinovski, who has published several books and is still writing in the tenth decade of his life, said he felt as if he were teaching a class again and thanked the audience for the best birthday gift he had ever received.

“Notes on Life” was published by Vancho Prke Library with the support of the Vinica Municipality.

The launch was one of the library’s series of events celebrating Book Month in Vinica.