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Vinca on Kadare’s work: He created a literary empire; he reformed the Albanian literature

According to the poet Agim Vinca, the literary work of Ismail Kadare is considered to be a corpus and a whole continent. Not only that, he considers that the colossus of Albanian letters has left behind the literary empire related to the Albanian nation. In the interview for KosovaPress, professor Vinca says that Kadare has reformed the Albanian language, raising it to unprecedented heights. According to him, the great writer played an emancipatory role in Albanian culture and that he deserved to be awarded the “Nobel” prize for literature.

Poet Agim Vinca says that Kadare is a writer of history, as he adds that he has affirmed Albanian identity, language and history all over the world.

Through the work of the master of Albanian letters, as he says, Albanians got to know themselves and the world. Professor Vinca considers that Kadare has reformed Albanian literature.

Poet Agim Vinca says that for the first time in 1969, he had contact with Kadare’s work as a student of Albanian literature.

Furthermore, he says that Kadare has done what no other writer has done, as he has synthesized ancient history in his works.

“Kadare raised the Albanian language to unprecedented heights. He had rare respect for Albanians. He also says it in the poem “Albanian Language” – When the Turks attacked, the endless hordes, the castles of syntax, I did not take them. Because the Albanian language was threatened by the danger of Turkism… He wanted to prove the thesis that Albanians are a European people. Albania is in the Balkans, Kosovo is in the Balkans geographically and historically. Of course, the Balkans is a bridge between two great eastern and western civilizations; Albanians have elements of both, because all cultures have their own values. But Kadare was a great defender of the thesis that Albanians belong to the family of European peoples”, said Professor Vinca.

In the interview for KosovaPress, Agim Vinca says that in a study on Kadare’s works, he had assessed him as the “Mount Everest” of Albanian literature.

“In an earlier period, when I was younger, I did a study on the reception of Kadare’s work, acceptance, readability, evaluation, and there I uttered a more enthusiastic opinion than ‘Kadare is the Mount Everest’, of Albanian literature. Of course, one should not deny his colleagues, living and dead creators, because in addition to a great writer, a literature is also made by other slightly smaller or medium writers because they create the atmosphere”, he said.

As the only Albanian writer in the world, Vinca emphasizes that Kadare deserved to receive the Nobel Prize for literature.

The genius of Albanian letters, Ismail Kadare, died at the age of 88, on Monday, July 1. Albania and Kosovo declared a day of mourning, whereas on Wednesday public tributes and state ceremonies were held in Tirana, where the last farewell was given to the master of Albanian letters.