Trilateral Summit discusses natural gas exports and India’s participation in “3+1” formats

Cyprus, Greece, and Isael on Monday agreed to intensify collaboration in fields such as energy, security, defence as well as academia and the Diaspora, with Irael’s Prime Minister Bejnamin Netanyahu announcing that his country along with Cyprus will be taking decisions on exporting natural gas to Europe in six months the latest.

The three leaders in a joint press conference, after the 9th Trilateral Summit held in Nicosia, announced they will also examine the broadening of “3+1” format meetings with the inclusion of India. As it was announced the next Trilateral Summit will be held next year.

The host of the Summit, Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides said the three countries “reaffirmed our aim to intensify our collaboration in fields such as energy, security, defence economy as well as academia and our Diasporas.”

He added that they agreed that the issue of energy sector and renewable energy “is prime pillar of cooperation in the region especially in light of the recent geopolitical developments and energy insecurity especially in Europe dictating the need for energy diversification and increased connectivity.”

On his part, Netanyahu referred on the issue of natural gas and electricity interconnection.

Referring to natural gas, the Israeli PM said they will have to decide soon about how Isael will exports its gas while the Cyprus will be called to take the same decisions.

“We are looking on the possibility of cooperating on this and those decisions will be made, I think in the next three to six months, probably closer to three months,” he said.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek Prime Minister on his part stated that the issue of energy is of “common interest,” noting that significant investments are underway in all countries.

“So, we have a great interest in seeing how the Israeli and Cypriot gas will be exported to the EU and to respect solutions that have the blessing of the two governments but they will also be tested by the markets,” he said.