Three persons arrested for child pornography

Three persons were arrested in Montenegro for child pornography, within the international operation in which seven countries took part, the Police Directorate stated.

According to the press release, the operation code-named Mosaic was carried out in the period between 6 and 17 November, in which, apart from the Montenegrin, the police forces of Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia and Hungary took part.

The press release adds that 41 investigation were carried out, involving 39 persons, and confiscation of 200 electronic devices.

The Police Directorate stated that the officers of the Montenegrin Sector for the Fight against Crime searched four locations, seized 11 electronic devices and arrested V.G. (64) from Berane, K.D. (23) from Budva and T.G. (19) from Podgorica for criminal offence of child pornography.

The police remarked that they are suspected of obtaining, possession and distribution of photographs and other audio and visual materials of sexual exploitation of juveniles, adding that seven persons in total have been prosecuted for this criminal offence in Montenegro since the beginning of the year.

The Police Directorate adds that they also carried out a preventive operation, code-named Temida, with the aim of identifying minors who make their own photographs and videos of pornographic nature, and protecting them and preventing exchange or distribution of such materials.