The Serbs give up, they want the dismissal of the mayors of the northern municipalities through a petition

The Serbs living in the north, who once did not accept the possibility of the Government of Kosovo to dismiss the mayors of the northern municipalities through a petition, gave up today.

They have formed their own groups, through which they submitted requests to the chairpersons of the municipal assemblies in the four municipalities of northern Kosovo this morning, for the dismissal of mayors of these municipalities through a petition.

The Chairman of the Municipal Assembly of Northern Mitrovica, Nexhat Uglanin, informed KosovaPress that he did not receive such a request.

“It is not true. They did not come to me with a request”, Uglanin said briefly.

KosovaPress tried to contact the mayor of the municipality in the north of Mitrovica, Erden Atiq, by phone, but he did not answer.

Also, the other mayors in the north have responded to the calls of KosovaPress.

Meanwhile, contacted by KosovaPress, the leader of the “Serbian Survival” Initiative, Aleksandar Arsenijevic, has confirmed that certain groups of Serbian citizens went to the northern municipalities today to submit requests to dismiss the mayors through a petition, but as he said, they have been rejected, and some have not even been allowed to enter the facilities.

He said that the request will also be sent to the CEC. According to him, the requests contained the dissatisfaction of the Serbian citizens regarding the work of the mayors, but also the fact that they were appointed without the will of the majority population of that part, therefore they want their dismissal.

KosovaPress also contacted Valmir Elezi from the CEC, who confirmed the demands of the citizens’ groups via email.

“Today, in some official e-mails, we have received four e-mails, three of which have attached the completed form for the initiation of the request for the dismissal of the mayors. At this stage, I can tell you them that these emails will be dealt with and we will inform you about this”, Elezi told KosovaPress.