The Albanian chief diplomat to Serbia: You can no longer send the army to the border of your neighbor

Albania’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Igli Hasani, said that security and stability in the region are more threatened than at any other time in the last decade. During his stay in Kosovo on Tuesday, he said that Albania, as a member of NATO, is closely following the developments in Kosovo, after the September 24 terrorist attack in Banjska, while addressing Serbia, he emphasized that in the 21st century no one can send the army to the border of their neighbor.

The head of Albanian diplomacy, after being hosted by his counterpart from Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla, underlined the need for the perpetrators of the September 24 terrorist attack to be brought to justice.

“We closely follow the developments in the region and we closely follow the developments at the border of the Republic of Kosovo. We appeal to all actors and factors living in the 21st century, do not take armies to the border anymore and no one should continue this ridiculous game. We are all clear that the biggest guarantee for the integrity and sovereignty of Kosovo is NATO, of which Albania is also a part”, he said.

According to him, this is necessary to prevent a further escalation of the situation with irreversible consequences.

“We have strongly condemned the violent, orchestrated and armed attack against the Kosova Police on September 24 last year in the north of the country. This attack was a criminal and dangerous terrorist act against the stability, integrity, independence, law and order of Kosovo. The attack was a serious threat to the security and stability of our entire region with direct consequences for our common Europe. The authors, organizers, and instigators of this act must be held accountable and brought to justice as soon as possible. This is necessary to prevent a further escalation of the situation with possibly irreversible consequences”, said Hasani.

“No European diplomat is able to give a real assessment of when the conditions are considered fulfilled in order to lift the measures. There is great confusion among European diplomats about what is considered de-escalation and when it is considered fulfilled. We would be happy to have a concrete assessment of what is meant by them, but we think that the measures towards Kosovo are unfair and incomprehensible and cannot help to be silent about the fact that in October the ‘ball’ has passed to the EU and it is the turn of the EU mediators to bring Serbia to the table to sign the agreements that were concluded last year”, said Gërvalla.

She added that the comments of the Kosovar side about the draft statute of the Association, proposed by the Euro-American diplomats, remain current.

During his stay in Kosovo, the Albanian minister also met with President Vjosa Osmani. Hasani will also stay in North Macedonia and Montenegro tomorrow.