Temperatures are forecast to drop at the weekend, Gjoni for ATA: Albania had highest temperature on record in 1973

TIRANA, July 21 /ATA/ Anira Gjoni from the Institute of Geosciences, in an interview with the Albanian Telegraphic Agency, said that the temperatures during the weekend are forecast to drop by 2-3 degrees Celsius.
While during this week our country was engulfed in a heat wave originating from Africa, at the weekend the temperatures will be lower, while in the last week of July the temperatures are forecast to be scorching again.
“The sweltering temperatures that have accompanied us in the last few days will also prevail in the coming week except for the weekend that will see a slight decrease in temperatures by 2-3 degrees,” Gjoni told ATA.
According to her, these temperatures are typical for the month of July, which is known as the hottest month of the year.
“These are the hottest days because it is the month of July, the hottest month of the year, and it records the highest temperatures, both minimum and maximum. Even the last week of July is expected to be sweltering like these days that we are leaving behind,” Gjoni said.
According to the Geoscience Institute, our country has not experienced a record temperature.
“To make an assessment of the month of July, we will have to wait until the end of the month, as we have another 10 days, and then we can do a detailed analysis of how the values have gone. For the year 2023 until today, we have not recorded a temperature higher than 41 degrees Celsius.”
According to her, the highest temperature in our country was recorded in 1973.
“Even in August we expect to have stable weather, with similar temperatures,” said Gjoni.
She adds that we are not in the conditions of neighboring countries, which are experiencing even higher temperatures than in our country. But, according to her, despite this, the risk of wildfire is high.