“Sports in Schools”, the major project that starts to be implemented from the beginning of 2024

From the beginning of next year in Kosovo, the piloting of the “Sports in School” project will begin, through which the greatest involvement of children in school activities is aimed.

This project was launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and the Federation of School Sports.

According to the president of the School Sports Federation, Ardian Telaku, this will be a major project that has not been seen until now and will come in cooperation with several local sports federations.

In an interview for KosovaPress, Telaku said that this project will be special in schools and will not affect the current main curriculum.

If the program turns out to be positive, Telaku has announced that a number of 400 young physical education teachers should be engaged in schools.

Telaku also announced that this whole project will not be an additional burden for the students or their families, as all payments will be covered by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

For the best application of the project, Telaku has said that many interventions are needed in the sports infrastructures of schools across Kosovo.