Serbia places the Chinese missile system near the border, it is seen as a threat to Kosovo

Serbia, in addition to the 48 operational bases located earlier around the border, near the border with Kosovo has installed the modernized “FK-3” and “Pancir S1” missile systems, as well as other missile systems “Neva M1T” and “Kub M2 (SM)” of the 250th Brigade of the Serbian army. The FK-3 system is a Chinese missile system, with which in 2022, Serbia became the first country in Europe to operate with Chinese weapons, including the CH-92 combat drones. Also, the Armed Forces of Serbia have created a special unit for the surveillance of drones, which as a unit operates within the 63rd Parachute Brigade of the Serbian army.

These are some of the details that Prime Minister Albin Kurti gave to the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

While the professor for international affairs, Dritëro Arifi, said that the very location of the Serbian armaments located on the border with Kosovo, shows that Serbia is threatening the Republic of Kosovo.

Arifi for KosovaPress, said that such weapons reflect an insecurity for Kosovo. He said that we should not be afraid, nor should we turn away from the attitudes that Kosovo has.

Also, Arifi emphasized that Serbia’s armaments are superior, because the Serbian state invests in armaments and in this case Kosovo cannot do anything, except to announce a new conflict in the Balkans against it.

Professor of international affairs, Arifi added that Serbia’s message is that the dialogue will not end until Serbia achieves what it wants.

Kurti asked the Secretary General of NATO, Stoltenberg, for close cooperation with NATO for peace and security.