Sanremo songs performed in Vlora square by distinguished Italian singers

TIRANA, July 25 /ATA/ The last weekend in Vlora was spent under the Sanremo songs. The local residents of Vlora, but also many holiday-makers, local and foreign, had the opportunity to follow for many hours a concert of some of the most popular Italian singers, who are liked and followed in our country.

Singers who have won the Sanremo festival at least once performed at the “live” concert, such as: Albano, Mieta, Marco Masini, Michelle Zarillo, Pupo, Matia Bazzar, Riccardo Fogli, Iva Zanicchi, etc. Entry was free, giving everyone the opportunity to be a participant in this extraordinary event.

In addition to performing, the Italian artists expressed themselves on stage with superlatives for the city of Vlora and the hospitality saying that they would like to come back, while some of them had already come a dozens of times. A large community of Italian citizens also followed the activity in the square.

The concert “Sanremo-Vlora, round trip” was organized on the initiative of Sinan Idrizi and found support from the Italian Consulate and the Municipality of Vlora.